Norwegian Fine Food And Spirits exports seafood, fine food and beverages from the Nordic region. We're also a fully integrated f&b fascility management company specialized on distribution and marketing of f&b products.

We believe in providing sustainable products as well as high leve of service for our customers and consumers.

Our Expertise

With more than 10+ years of collective knowledge of the seafood and spirits industry, we know the difficulties in finding thrustworthy and long-term supply. We offer a transparent and seemless way of procuring Nordic high quality f&b products. 

Our Seafood 

Awe-inspiring mountains, deep, crystal-clear fjords and a spectacular coastline that stretches for over 60,000 miles—Norway’s unique natural landscape creates the perfect home for some of the world’s most popular seafood.

Check out our range of seafood!

Our Philosophy

Norwegian Fine Food and Spirits believes that the key to fine dining is to provide local and sustainable natural as well as farmed products to consumers. That is why we only supply our customers with the very best of Nordic natural food and spirits.

Our Spirits

If you’re into Beverages, you’ve come to the right place. Norwegian Fine Food and Spirits supplies the best selection of nordic spirits, beers and ciders to compliment our selection of seafood or just enjoy as an "aperitif". Check out our range of Spirits and Beverages!

Eirik Salvesen Lie

Co-Founder and CEO


Phone: +47 45875059

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Lawrence Keen

Sales Director


Phone: +44 0738 823 3754

Wechat: 187 5821 0924

Claude Boutard

Business Development Director 

Phone: +86 139 5808 2928 

Wechat: claudeboutbout


Ryosuke Kimura

Sales Manager


Phone: +8180-6087-1641