We export a vast amount of seafood to multiple countries. Below is our current selection of available seafood (depending on season).


(Cancer Pagurus, Nephrops norvegicus,

Homarus gammarus, Paralithodes camtschaticus)

We supply Brown Crab, Langoustine, Lobster , King Crab and other crustaceans native to Norwegian waters. Our selection is available the whole year or during season. Our crustacean selection is sent Live or Cooked/Frozen. Contact us for further specifications. 



(Salmo Salar, Onchorhynchus Mykiss)

Controlled farming throughout the life of the salmon and trout in combination with fast and gentle harvesting gives us the best possible end product. Our fjord trout is available almost every week during the year.  Shipped fresh on ice or as frozen. 

Contact us for further specifications. 

Sea Urchin

(Echinus esculentus, Strongylocentrotos drobachiensis, Gracilechinus acutus)

Incredible taste and sweetness. A fantastic sushi product. Lives on rock, sand and sandy bottom. Grazes on seaweed and kelp. Available whole year, but best during the autumn.

Only shipped live by air. Contact us for further specifications. 


Norwegian Red Sea Cucumber

(Stichopus tremulus)

It comes from one of the cleanest
Arctic Ocean waters in the world, and
because of the cold temperatures,
they grow much more slowly than
warm water sea cucumbers, so they
have higher nutritional value.
Only dried or frozen. Contact us for further specifications. 

Other Seafood 

We offer a wide selection of other types of seafood. Contact us if you have any particular type of seafood you need and we will assist you.